'Deaners' Credits


Produced and Directed

by David Garry 

Director of Photography and Editor 

Sam Webb 

Original Score by
Dan Mehta

'Riding with Jimmy and Me'
Written by Tom Bottelsen
Performed by Tom Bottelsen, Kevin Asami,
Ryan Kerchner and Ryan London.
Recorded at the Kitchen Studios
Mixed by Ryan London

Dialogue Editing and Re-Record Mixing
by Scott Gutierrez
for Gute Productions

Color Consultant                                  Walter Volpatto

Graphics                                                    Rachel Yonda

Boom Operator                       Russell Anthony Stewart

 Production Assistants                           Rachael Collins

                                                                        Chad Hanna

 Deaners Title Graphic                            Nolan Karwoski

 Title Text Written by                                       Jay J. Levy


Chad Hanna   Clint Hemstalk   Cole Reeves  

David Loehr   Evan Derry   Gregory Swenson  

James and Dean   Janet O’Dare   Jason Carpenter  

Jason Naylor   Jerry Payne   JR Dziengel  Lee Raskin  

Mark Kinnaman   Marlin Wilson   Naomi Yamada  

Nolan Karwoski   Olivia Winslow   Pamela Crawford  

Pamela Des Barres   Peter Gallo   Phil Zeigler  

Scott Brimigion   Shirley Payne   Ted Bernal Guevara  

Tom Berghuis

Drone Footage Courtesy of
David Loehr
of the James Dean Gallery

Photos Courtesy of
Loehr Collection
David Scott
Marlin Wilson
Thomas Wenck
The Domain of Public

James and Dean
Managed by Rob Jarrell
of R. Christopher Entertainment

Special Thanks

    Fairmount Camp   

    Fairmount Historical Museum    

 James Dean Gallery  

Andrew Kadikian   Ashleigh Boiros   Barrett Gregory  

Chad Hanna  Charles Paul Waters   Christopher Comeau   Cole Reeves  Colin Campbell   David Loehr   David Scott   Eric Mofford   Jay J. Levy   JR Dziengel   Kathi Solms  

Lee Raskin   Matt Landis   Nolan Karwoski  Phil Zeigler   Rob Jarrell   Ryan Stockstad   Sean T. James  

Stuart Atkinson   Tom Bottelsen

Filmed on Location in
Fairmount, Indiana

Copyright © 2016  Stuffed Whale Productions 

All Rights Reserved