‘Deaners’ is the term given to proud, dedicated fans of the legendary actor James Dean. This playful, yet earnest dissection of the Deaners' subculture is illuminated in all its quirky, extreme glory during the annual James Dean Festival held in the actor's hometown of Fairmount, Indiana.

In between the carnival, parade, and look-alike contests, we get to know a handful of Deaners intimately, including 50s-inspired teenage musical duo James & Dean who started at a very early age, Naomi Yamada, who travels from Japan to share her crafted grave bouquet of 1,000 paper cranes, and renowned groupie-turned-bestselling-author Pamela Des Barres. Each contributes his or her own story of what James Dean means to them and what compels them to make that trek to Fairmount each year.